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"BeFore the Times" ammunition is a visiting card of KareLine company, thanks to which our company is not only known in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. The basis of all BeFore the Times products is soft natural leather from the best manufacturers of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian geniune leather is deservedly popular all over the world because of its unique properties. It is well-proceed, tanned, lived, smooth to touch and does not paint your pet's fur.

Products made of Ukrainian geniune leather are soft, elastic and yet durable and lasting. They do not burn out at the sun, easy to clean and retain the pattern and shape for a long time.

Samples of products are tested for wear and moisture resistance, temperature changes resistance and hypoallergenicity by specialists of Dnipropetrovsk State University.

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"BeFore the Times Hard" ammunition – the best choice for self-aware dogs.

Strong and elastic Ukrainian leather in combination with stainless fittings from the best manufacturers of the Czech Republic and China P.R. will make any dog stylish and self-confident.

Before the Times Hard ammunition’s durability is achieved by using special reinforcing tapes and cables. They are not visible to the eye, but occupy an important place in the design of the leash or collar.   

All products are stitched with Turkish high-strength polyester threads.

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We can’t leave our four-legged friends aside of scientific and technological progress. Especially for dogs of small and medium breeds, as well as cats, we have developed a new modern collection of collars, leashes and harnesses from techno-textiles and eco-leather.

Techno-textile is an innovative material, created on the basis of cotton and polyurethane. Ammunition for animals made of this material looks great, does not crinkle, it is easy to clean; it does not react on seasonal temperature changes and favorably distinguishes your pet during a walk or at training area.

Eco-leather is a high-tech material; it is breathable artificial leather, which is produced without the use of PVC. Polyurethane, forming a membrane of eco-leather, is a material with high durability and frost resistance up to -35°С.

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Under the "Keeper" trademark we combined ammunition made of modern, light, bright and durable nylon - pure and poly-coated with PVC (biothane-style).

Ammunition for animals, made of nylon ribbons and cords, remains in demand for many decades. Nylon is a light and durable material with high wear resistance. It does not abrade, does not fade, does not lose its properties under intensive exploitation, repeatedly stretches with no consequences for the original form, always keeps a presentable appearance, it is very easily washed, dries quickly, does not need ironing. Outwardly resembling silk, nylon is much cheaper.

Biothane is an innovative material, which is a nylon tape, coated with PVC or TPU. Ammunition from biothane is not exposed to moisture and corrosive liquids, it can be easily cleaned if necessary and it serves for a very long time.

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амуниция для охотничьих обак

The 2017 novelty - a line of ammunition for hunting and service dogs "Jager", made of high-tech poly-coated nylon (biothane-style).


Biothane is an innovative two-layer material consisting of a strong, wear-resistant nylon strip and a smooth, flexible polyurethane that does not absorb water and does not solidify in the frost. Although biothane was invented in the distant year of 1977, it was used relatively recently in the manufacture of ammunition for animals. It has the characteristics suitable for owners of active dogs: it does not absorb moisture, dirt, smells, does not become heavy in water, it is easily washed under running water, it does not require drying or any complicated care. Biothane products retain their bright color over time, and due to their water-repellent properties - they are resistant to mold, fungus and reproduction of microbes.


Camouflaged ammunition will conceal a hunting dog in thickets of reeds or grass, while bright orange (signal) ammunition, especially with a reflective tape, will help ensure the safety of the dog's daily life and will prove indispensable while hunting, especially in the dark.


In addition the hosts of hunting dogs were not disregarded. Especially for them ergonomic and practical belts for hunting rifles were created.

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The "Practic Dog" brand ammunition is an example of reliability and simplicity of polycotton. Polycotton is made from cotton, reinforced with a nylon thread.


The material is environment friendly, extremely strong and endurant. Due to the latest technologies, products made of colored polycotton do not stain the dog's hair and do not shed. Ammunition of polycotton will serve your four-footed friend for many years. It will not burn out in the sun and will not paint the dog's hair, its reliable hardware will not rust or break. This ammunition is especially good for service dogs, when a spectacular appearance could be sacrificed for the sake of reliability and manageability.


No decorations, no exterior shine - everything is extremely simple and reliable, like a Kalashnikov machine gun.

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