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Iberzoo+Propet'18 successfully completed!

We are happy to inform all our partners that we are back home after successful pet products show in Madrid. Our very first time expo after rebranding made us sure that we are on a right way with new products and new marketing strategy.

A brief Iberzoo+Propet'18 review to your attention.

Last instructions from the owner Mr Oleksandr Karelin

KareLine Pet Products represented its major trade marks and collections: 'BeFore the Times' (geniune Ukrainian leather), 'BeFore the Times Hard' (leather + nylon + metal hardware), 'BeFore the Times Folk' (geniune leather + Petrykivka painting), 'DreamPet' (techno-textile & eco-leather), 'Keeper' (pure & poly-coated nylon).

The unreal noisy success got 'BeFore the Times Folk' collection. The famous Ukrainian folk painter Victoria Tymoshenko painted geniune leather collars with Petrykivka paintings to make our beloved dogs trendy and beautiful.

BeFore the Times Folk collection - unique masterpieces from the famous Ukrainian Petrykivka artist Victoria Tymoshenko

Looks great on the dog, does it?

Stong nylon, colorful geniune leather and stainless metal hardware - the basis of ageless pets ammunition 'BeFore the Times Hard'. Collection attracted a lot of attention due to its high usability, powerful desing and affodable price.

Imagine, how your pitbull will look at great 'BeFore the Times Hard' harnesses!

Practical and bright nylon is one of the most popular materials for pets ammunition worldwide. KareLine Pet Products offers nylon kits of collars, leashes and harnesses for small and medium breeds. Your dog will be the star of a play ground!

Keeper harnesses and leashes make attractive kits!

KareLine Pet Products is the only company in the world manufacturing bright and strong pets ammunition of Ukrainian techno-textile fabrics. Our booth visitors gave excellent remarks to 'DreamPet' collars, leashes and harnesses.

DreamPet techno-textile leash

We presented a 'DreamPet' collar and leash to a grooming show star. The dog really enjoyed it!

Our new Spanish friend!

So, Iberzoo+Propet'18 is a history. We would like to thank all the visitors for your patience to our poor Spanish! :)

Sincerely yours, KareLine team!

We remind our partners and friends that on May 08-11, 2018 you could find us in Nuremberg, Germany. Our booth - 6-448, Hall 6.

See you!

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