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Do you remember how did it begin?

KareLine's pet ammunition has begun from polycotton products of Practic Dog™. Polycotton remains a very popular material for pet ammunition within dogs and cattle lovers.

What are the reasons of such a long standing popularity? The secret is hidden in polycotton features. Polycotton is made from cotton, reinforced with a nylon thread. This material is environment friendly, extremely strong and endurant. Due to the latest technologies, products made of colored polycotton do not stain the pet's hair and do not shed.

Polycotton leashes. From 60 to 500 cm long

Practic Dog™ polycotton ammunition will serve your four-footed friend for many years. It will not burn out in the sun and will not paint the dog's hair, its reliable hardware will not rust or break. This ammunition is especially good for service dogs, when a spectacular appearance could be sacrificed for the sake of reliability and manageability. No decorations, no exterior shine - everything is extremely simple and reliable, like a Kalashnikov machine gun.

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