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'BeFore the Times' becomes 'KareLine'!

We are happy to announce that effective March 1, 2018 'BeFore the Times' changes its name to 'KareLine Pet Products'.

'BeFore the Times', established in 1993, is well known in Ukraine and far beyond its borders as a brand of quality pets accessories. Genuine leather collars, strong leashes, reliable muzzles and fashionable harnesses for dogs and cats of this brand have become a visit card of affordable pets outfit of the highest quality. It will remain our top brand for a long time.

Now we are 'KareLine Pet Products'. The company itself is a family business established by Mr Oleksandr Karelin. By the rebranding we’d like to stress our gratitude to the family as a basis of human’s happy life and our acknowledgement that our beloved pets are the part of the family. We like to pamper family members with various gifts, our pets deserve the same!

Meet our renewed collections!

'BeFore the Times' get new image and offers classical genuine leather accessories for pets.

'BeFore the Times Hard' represents pets outfit of natural leather in combination with stainless hardware.

'DeamPet Pet Products' is a collection of fashionable pets accessories manufactured of eco-leather and techno-textile.

'Keeper' – is a wide variety of nylon and biothane products, modern and convenient.

'Practic Dog' brand represents usable and affordable outfit made of good old tarpaulin.

'Jager' is a brand new accessories for hunting dogs.

Let KareLine take care of your beloved pet!

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