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Here one could find classic and ultra modern models of collars, leashes, muzzles and harnesses for any breed of dogs and cats.

All products are hand made of high quality hypoallergic materials for your pets' health and comfort.

Let the leading manufacturer of Ukraine take care of you pet!


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KareLine (ex-BeFore the Times), a family-run manufacturer of ammunition for pets, was founded in 1993 and is one of the leaders of pets products market in Ukraine. Our company is proud of a wide range of collars, leashes, harnesses and muzzles, to which people trust their pets not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. For our products we use only high-quality materials and fittings and most of operations are done manually, This allows us to produce the most comfortable and durable accoutrements for animals. We produce a wide range of products for every taste and purse.


KareLine is:

  • more than 1000 m² of floor space with modern equipment;

  • 50 high-class artisans;

  • 1000+ customers in Ukraine;

  • products range - more than 2000;

  • a regular participant of trade shows: Interzoo (Nuremberg, Germany), Iberzoo+Propet (Madrid, Spain), Zoomark (Bologna, Italy), ZooVetExpo (Kyiv, Ukraine).

KareLine pays special attention to the quality of products, controlling all stages of manufacturing. The materials and fittings are being tested in special laboratories for about twenty indicators, including: animal health safety, quality of leather, tissues and threads, hypoallergenic, wear resistance, strength and durability. We are happy to offer the consumer only high-quality, comfortable and safety products.


Our collections are the embodiment of a restrained modern design. You will find a self-contained classics with unexpected accents, fashionable refinement and playful brutality.


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Kosmonavta Volkova str., 6-D,

Dnipro, Ukraine 49112


Main office:

+38 050 362 92 60

Export sales:

+38 067 777 96 21


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